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10 Reasons Why All Small Businesses Should Have Their Own Domain and E-mail Address

Discussion in 'Online Setup Articles' started by xadmin, Apr 7, 2016.

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    1. Hackers. Hackers often plague publicly available sites like Yahoo, which offer free Web sites and e-mail accounts. By purchasing your own domain name and its associated e-mail, you limit your exposure to mainstream hackers.
    2. Professionalism. Any business whose Internet and e-mail address ends in,, or the like, cannot be taken seriously. If you can’t invest in your business by buying a domain name and e-mail account, then why should your customers?
    3. Storage space. Despite Hotmail increasing its storage space capacity, a business receiving multiple daily e-mails and files will exhaust even the most generously provided online space. The same holds true for free Web site providers, which typically limit how many pages or files can be created.
    4. Dependability. Yahoo, Hotmail, and other such free sites are often down for repairs or other issues. Having no access to either your Web site or e-mail can cost you money in terms of lost sales and clients.
    5. Profitability. Having your own domain name will ensure that you can install Paypal or other payment devices on your Web page. Many free ISP companies will not allow you to use your domain name for commercial use, thus limiting its profitability.
    6. Web site recall. What is easier to remember: freedomainprovidername.usa/ or What looks better on business cards? Do you want your Web site visitors going through Yahoo or Google first before they reach your site, or do you want them to reach it directly because they remember your domain name?
    7. Search engine ranking. Search engines place a higher rank on the keywords found in the homepage (index) of a domain than on any other Web page. For better Web site searchability, you are better off having your own domain name.
    8. Longevity. If an ISP company is not profitable, it may shut down, taking your domain name with it. Owning and paying for your own domain name protects you from such a catastrophe.
    9. Domain name ownership. Paying for and owning your own domain name allows for easy transfer of that domain name should you change your ISP. There is no need to notify your contacts of any Internet address changes.
    10. Template control. If you are listed on Yahoo's or Google's sub-domain, you can make limited changes to your Web page templates and themes. You also get a limited number of pages to add to your domain name. Blogging and instant messenger platforms are usually pre-set and cannot be altered.

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