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Alexa Rankings: The Main Things Every Business Should Know

Discussion in 'Online Marketing Articles' started by xadmin, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. Alexa is a service offered by Amazon that includes a toolbar, a browser, a search engine and interactive services through the new Echo voice-command device. As Amazon continues to develop Alexa, it gets more and more away from being a website ranking tool and edges more towards being a virtual assistant. Do businesses benefit by using Alexa as a way to monitor their web traffic? As Alexa continues to evolve, its effectiveness as a ranking tool starts to diminish.


    Alexa's Reach Is Limited

    Alexa's ranking system is based solely on its toolbar and a series of Alexa-specific browser add-ons. If a user does not have the toolbar or an add-on installed in their browser, then they will not register as part of your traffic. The limited reach of Alexa makes its ranking system questionable at best.

    Alexa Leaves Out Mobile Traffic

    Alexa's mobile app is more like the new Microsoft Cortana virtual assistant in that it answers questions using its voice-activated features. With more and more people around the world using their mobile computing device to access the Internet, it becomes even more difficult for Alexa to give accurate and useful traffic results over an option such as Google Analytics.

    Alexa Is Owned By Amazon

    Google owns the Analytics brand of rank monitoring software, but Google is also the largest search engine in the world. Alexa is owned by Amazon, which is the largest online retailer in the world. If you want to collect limited marketing data on the popularity of your products, then Alexa is perfect. But if you want reliable information on your web traffic, then a product from Google makes a lot more sense.

    You Can Pay Money To Improve Your Results With Alexa

    A quick search of the Internet shows pages of options you can use to buy more Alexa traffic. If you can improve your page ranking with Alexa by buying more traffic, then how accurate are those numbers going to be when it comes to marketing your website. Google has had a series of campaigns that eliminated the ability to buy a better ranking by giving penalties to websites that buy links. When it comes to a more reliable traffic monitoring service, Alexa does not measure up.

    Alexa Rankings Are Based On Website "Credibility"

    The higher a website ranks in the Alexa system, the better its credibility becomes. This simply means that the accuracy of the results you get in Alexa are based on how high your website ranks in the Alexa system. With Google Analytics, the results are not tempered by where your website ranks, and any website owner can get accurate results every time.

    Alexa's Rankings Can Be Immediately Impacted

    Google Analytics is an organic ranking system that uses real numbers for its results. It can take months for the actions you take on your website to affect your Google ranking, but that new ranking is an accurate representation of your real traffic. There are tricks that can be used with Alexa to immediately improve your rank and give the illusion of more traffic. With Alexa, the numbers may or may not be reliable, and that does not give you much of a chance to develop an accurate marketing campaign to help grow revenue.

    Before you put your website ranking trust in the Alexa ranking system, it is important to understand some basic facts about Alexa. With Google Analytics, you get real ranking results and a comprehensive profile of your web traffic. With Alexa, you get results that can be inaccurate and are easily manipulated. If you are looking for accurate traffic monitoring results, then Alexa will let you down every time.
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