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NSIA Insurance Nigeria: Home, Car, Life, Business Insurance

Discussion in 'Portfolio' started by xadmin, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. Nigerians have options when it comes to how they invest their money, and insurance is not something that many Nigerians consider to be essential. When NSIA Insurance asked us to do a promotional video for the Nigerian Bulletin, then wanted to explain to Nigerians how insurance is a critical form of protection that can offer assistance at times when it is most needed.NSIA Insurance indicated that it was important for people to understand how insurance can protect all aspects of their personal lives and their business ventures. It was also important to NSIA Insurance that the video should indicate the high level of interest every NSIA agent takes in protecting their clients in every way possible.

    We created a script that addressed the most common objections Nigerians have when it comes to insurance. But we were also very careful to highlight the NSIA Insurance mission of always being there when their clients need them.

    Company Name: NSIA Insurance

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