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Polystyrene Industries: Building Made Simple In Nigeria

Discussion in 'Portfolio' started by xadmin, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. When Polystyrene Industries started talking about their promotional video, it became apparent that the company was looking for an effective way to highlight the properties of its product, while showing exactly what the product could do in a variety of situations. When you have a product as versatile as polystyrene, it can difficult to get people to understand its many uses and envision how they could use such a product for their own projects.

    What made creating the video a bit easier was the focus that Polystyrene Industries has on the construction industry. The company’s innovative approach to developing extremely durable polystyrene pieces is tailor-made for the construction industry and we wanted to make sure that the video highlighted the many ways that Polystyrene Industries could make any construction project easier and less expensive.

    Company Name: Polystyrene Industries Ltd

    Website Address:

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