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Quick Fix Ltd: Facilities Maintenance And Repairs In Nigeria

Discussion in 'Portfolio' started by xadmin, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. Quick Fix Repairs came to us looking for a centerpiece video they could display at trade shows, exhibitions, and on their their own website. The company felt it was important to highlight its versatility, experience, and expertise in a wide variety of maintenance and repair situations. The company also wanted to highlight its facility and equipment maintenance skills that utilize the latest in innovative computer technology.

    We were impressed by Quick Fix Repairs’ ability to isolate and repair issues quickly utilizing their broad range of technical tools. As we developed the script for this video, it became important for us to show that Quick Fix Repairs could not only solve issues as they occurred, but that the company was also proficient in preventing facility problems in the first place.

    Company Name: Quick Fix Ltd

    Website Address:

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