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Rockville & Co: Law Firm, Lagos Nigeria

Discussion in 'Portfolio' started by xadmin, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. Rockville & Co came to us with the need for a profile video that would easily, but comprehensively, separate them from every other law firm in Nigeria. It is important to Rockville & Co that people understand that this is more than just a law firm. It is a group of professionals who want to use their expertise to be the best business partner a company ever had.

    The video had to be something that was easy to share, but also told the whole story of how Rockville & Co is a full-service law firm for all of its clients. We decided to focus on the very essence of what Rockville & Co stands for and use the firm’s own values to tell their story. Once we had our script framework in place, the rest fell into place based on all of the comprehensive services that Rockville & Co offers.

    Company Name: Rockville & Co

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