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What Is Video Marketing?

Discussion in 'Video Marketing Articles' started by xadmin, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. You just logged onto your favorite social media platform and immediately you see a video that interests you. You click on the video and have to sit through a 30-second commercial before the video content will start. After the commercial, you watch the video and move on with your life.


    You were just subjected to one part of video marketing. There are actually three parts to video marketing, according to the Digital Marketing Glossary. They are:
    • Videos with advertisements on them
    • Videos used to entice users to go to a website
    • Product videos that work like Internet commercials
    All three parts of video marketing are extremely effective and, when used properly, can bring in significant revenue. The key with video marketing is to know what your audience wants and then deliver with a video that your audience will enjoy.

    YouTube And Its World

    People upload an hour’s worth of video to YouTube every second of the day. It is estimated that one billion people around the world watch six billion hours of video every month on YouTube. When it comes to video hosting platforms, there is none more popular than YouTube. The consistent traffic and free costs for uploading videos are why almost all video marketing companies utilize YouTube as their video hosting service.

    The smart marketing experts use YouTube as a free video host, but they don’t sit on their laurels and expect YouTube to do all of the work. With that many videos being uploaded every second, it is easy to understand how YouTube is getting crowded. In a 2010 infographic, Business Insider estimates that every YouTube video gets 50 percent of the hits it will ever get in its first six days on the site. That is hardly the kind of longevity that a marketing expert is looking for.

    Videos With Advertisements On Them

    When you utilize videos as a platform for your banner advertising, then you need to produce videos that people will enjoy. Many corporations are involved in producing YouTube videos for entertainment value, just so they can monetize their videos with ads and generate revenue with the ads.

    But this is hardly a way to market your product or your service to a target audience. While this form of video marketing may be effective at generating ad revenue, it does little to spur product sales.

    Videos That Inspire Viewers To Click To A Website

    If you watch YouTube videos long enough, you will start to see videos with pop-up windows that ask the viewer to click on the window to go to a linked website. If you have a viral video that is popular, then this may be a great way to increase traffic to your website. But if your video is not getting any hits, then you just wasted time and money producing a video that no one wants to see.

    Product Videos And Internet Commercials

    When it comes to really good video marketing, you are talking about product videos and Internet commercials. Corporate videos that are designed for video marketing usually have a higher entertainment value that standard training or promotional videos. When a company invests in developing a video that will be hosted on its website to promote a product, event, or service; that video needs to command an audience to get results. There are a lot of ways to develop popular product and service videos, but you have to choose the right tools to reach your audience.

    An Internet commercial is something that businesses develop specifically to be posted on their website or YouTube. For example, a music promotion company may post a video to promote an artist’s upcoming tour. Internet commercials can be as long as the company needs them to be and the only restriction on the content is whatever the company considers to be within the boundaries of good taste.

    The Advantages Of Video Marketing

    Video content is becoming extremely popular and that popularity will only increase now that high definition videos can be viewed by smartphones and tablets. A big advantage to video marketing is the ability to reach millions of viewers without having to pay for television time. In reality, a small percentage of videos actually get millions of viewers. But the ability to reach an audience without paying for advertising time can be extremely cost effective for any company.

    One of the ways to increase your video viewership is to use social media to get your videos to go viral. Experienced marketing experts know the types of elements a video needs to go viral and social media is the ideal platform to grab attention for your video and put it in front of a lot of people. A viral video on Facebook could be seen by hundreds of thousands of people in just a few days and that kind of video exposure is worth a lot of money.

    Many marketing experts say that video marketing is the wave of the future, but the truth is that it is just one part of an effective marketing campaign. When you utilize a professional marketing firm that understands how to properly produce, host, and distribute marketing videos, then you can enhance your other advertising efforts and drive even more revenue towards your bottom line.

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