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What is your video production process?

Discussion in 'Video Marketing FAQs' started by xadmin, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. The first thing to say is we do not shoot any footage. Our primary focus is on developing videos that help businesses communicate and sell to their customers (B2B or B2C). We can do this from footage you have have already, information on your website or on other media assets that you have. In addition we also use stock images and clips.

    Questionnaire -> Script -> Voice Over -> Video Production -> Video Distribution

    Our process starts with a short questionnaire that gives the team an idea of your business, your ambition, your competition, your audience and your expectation. This together with your other collateral, website, flyers, images and brochures, will help us develop the process that will us achieve the right results.

    Process summary:
    1. Complete questionnaire and send details of other collateral
    2. Script is developed from the above information
    3. Script is approved
    4. Script goes to voice over team
    5. Voice over is approved
    6. Voice goes to video production team
    7. Video is approved
    8. Video is uploaded to required channels like YouTube and optimized.
    9. Video is shared on social media and other channels
    Questionnaire -> Script -> Voice Over -> Video Production -> Video Distribution
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