Instagram: 3 Ways It Can Improve Your Business

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    It did not take long for the more inventive people who develop Internet websites to realize that niche social media sites could be popular. You can post pictures on Twitter and Facebook, but Instagram allows you to do so much more with your photos. The other reason Instagram is so popular is because people know what they will get when they look at someone's Instagram account in terms of content. People who want to see pictures and videos go to Instagram, and that is why you should be using it for your business.


    Set Up An Online Store Window Display

    Since people expect to see pictures on Instagram, that means that they will expect to see pictures of your products when they go to your account. You can use the Instagram editing software and the website's picture display format to set up a virtual store window that allows your customers to go window shopping through all of your products. If you have no way of inexpensively putting pictures of your products on your website, then you can do it for free through Instagram.

    You can also use Instagram as a way to get feedback on your products. If you are getting a lot of comments requesting one of your products to be in red, then you know what you need to do to make more revenue. The instant interaction offered by Instagram can help make market research easier and much more effective.

    Get Personal With Your Clients

    With the way Instagram is set up, it invites people to post pictures with various themes to them. Facebook is set up in a similar fashion, but Instagram has perfected the idea of posting pictures that meet a specific theme. That means that you can use your Instagram account to give your customers a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at your company that will help to strengthen the emotional bond with your clients that always results in more sales.

    You can post pictures of the production process and the people involved to let your customers see who is making the products they buy. If your company gets involved in charitable events, then Instagram is a great place to post those pictures and let your customers see the more personal side of your organization.

    Let Your Customers Share Pictures

    Your customers know what they want from your products, and one of the most effective ways for your customers to get their point across is in pictures. You can open up your Instagram account to allow customers to share pictures of your products in different configurations and situations. This will give you great product development ideas and input into exactly what your customers want.

    Sharing pictures back and forth with clients also adds to that emotional bond element we talked about earlier. It gives your customers a chance to see the people behind the logo, and that always helps to expand your customer base.

    Instagram is a niche social media website that has a large and growing audience. With the help of a marketing expert, your company can learn how to use Instagram to generate more sales and attract more customers.

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