Key Components Of A Winning Corporate Video

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    A winning corporate video is one that projects the right message to a target audience and brings results. When it comes to putting together a successful corporate video there are several elements that you must always be aware of and tactics that you should be using to your advantage. There are a lot of videos out there, which means that you need to focus on the right elements if you want your video to be a winner.


    Break Up The Video

    When a professional writes a good Internet article, they break that article up into segments using headers to make it easier for the audience to scan the article and get more out of it. According to the experts, your corporate videos need to be broken up into segments as well, to make their easier for your audience to digest.

    There are two ways to break up a good corporate video that should be incorporated into all of your productions. The first method is to break the actual content down into sections and create the video equivalent of a good Internet article. Your segments act like headers and make the content easier to digest.

    The other method used to break up content is to inject extra footage into a section to help break up the monotony of a monologue. For example, if you are doing a training video that shows how to operate a piece of machinery, then inserting snippets of the machinery in action to go along with the training content will help to break up the video and make it more interesting to watch.

    It Must Look Professional

    According to, a winning video is a professionally done video. When it comes to a winning corporate video, good lighting, properly framing your subjects in the shots, and professional looking sets are some of the elements needed to make a video look professional. By hiring a team of video professionals to make your corporate presentation, you will benefit from all of the little details that go into creating a very impressive final video.

    A Little Humour Helps

    Whether you are developing a sales video or a video to help train new employees, humor always helps to get the point across. The point to doing corporate videos is to leave no gray area when it comes to the information you are trying to deliver. With written information, there is always the danger of misinterpretation. But a corporate video with a little humor in it gets the point across in an engaging and effective way.

    Corporate videos are becoming extremely popular, thanks in large part to the Internet. A good video can sell your product, train your employees, and even update investors on your latest triumphs. A winning video may even go viral and bring you an expanded customer base that you never expected. To get a winning video, you need to bring in the pros and get a return on investment that puts your company ahead of the competition.

    Keep The Pace Brisk

    In a corporate video, you do not have time to build a mood or set an elaborate back story. A good corporate video is based on a single marketing topic and is designed to deliver information to a target audience. If you put too much in your video, then you will confuse your audience. If you try to do too much with your video, then you will bore your audience.

    From transitions to the narration of each section, you need to keep the action moving in your corporate video. Eliminate unnecessary information and only include scenes that add to the video’s positive impact. Keep the video moving and make it interesting for your audience.

    Try To Use A Story

    This is tricky, but using a story to deliver your marketing message can be extremely effective. For example, if you have a customer that used your product to save a life, then that would be a compelling way to explain the value of your product to a video audience.

    The key is to use a story that shows off the way your product or service was meant to be used and not show an instance of innovating a makeshift use for your offering. People love a good story and if you have a story to tell in your corporate video, then you can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your production.

    Ignore The Competition

    Whether you are filming a 45-second introductory video for your website or an elaborate product demonstration video, you should never refer to your competition to try and enhance the value of your product. Video is a powerful medium where you can show what your product can do and capture the imagination of your audience. If you try to put your product side-by-side with the competition in your video, then all you are really doing is producing a video that gives time to other products.

    Use Engaging Presenters

    Some companies try to keep their video production costs down by using employees instead of paying actors. You can actually get away with this, provided your employees have engaging personalities.

    A good corporate video reaches out and grabs the attention of the audience with a clear voice, a dynamic performance, and a charismatic personality. Paid actors are trained to give your corporate video the edge it needs to be engaging, but that does not mean you have to use actors. If you truly prefer to use your own people in your video, which many viewers consider to be a positive thing, then make sure that your presenters can be as engaging and dynamic as an actor.

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