Social Media Marketing: 3 Things Every Business Should Know

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    Donna Moritz is an award-winning blogger and marketing expert and she points out that social media gives companies exposure from real customers, and that is extremely valuable. Many experts in their fields take to social media to tell people about a new product they have just discovered and a small social media post like that could be worth thousands of dollars in real advertising to the company that made that product.


    According to marketing website Constant Contact, social media is effective because it is interactive, and not a one-way advertising conversation where the company talks to the consumers. With social media, consumers interact with each other and manufacturers about products. Social media is an extremely powerful way to market a business, and it is something every business owner should become very familiar with.

    All Social Media Is Not Created Equal

    Most business owners do not realize that every social media platform has its own demographics. For example. Instagram attracts a much younger audience than Facebook. If you were advertising to a younger target audience, then you would get more out of your efforts if you used Instagram instead of Facebook.

    Digital marketing experts understand that just because it is free to use a social media site does not mean that businesses should just start posting to every platform available. Time is money and if your best audience is found on Instagram and you are wasting hours each week on Facebook, then you are wasting money.

    Social Media Has Rules

    Facebook has very specific rules about using its platform for company promotions and how companies can present themselves to users. If you violate those rules, Facebook will shut down your page and you have lost a valuable marketing outlet.

    Many digital marketing companies have people on staff who are experts on the rules for every social media platform. It takes years to understand how to use social media platforms effectively for business, which is why people who really want to benefit from social media management invest in the services of a good digital marketing agency.

    Social Media Requires A Significant Amount Of Engagement

    One of the most critical elements of social media that business owners need to understand is that you have to be active every day on your pages if you want to see consistent results. Once you allow your social media pages to go unattended for just a few days, you will see a significant drop-off in activity.

    Good social media marketing requires an organized plan and the time each day to carry out that plan. When you hire a good digital marketing agency to handle your social media marketing, you can rest assured that there will be plenty of the right kind of activity on your social media pages each and every day.

    Social media is a fun way to interact with people around the world, but it can also be used as an effective marketing tool. In order to get the most out of social media, you need to understand how it can be used, and you need to have a digital marketing expert managing your social media pages for you.

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