[Video] Google Explains SEO For Startups In Under 10 Minutes

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    Maile Ohye from Google presents the basic information needed to understand how a website ranks on Google, and what a website owner can do to improve those rankings. In less than 10 minutes she offers SEO tips from the perspective of a Google expert, which is exactly the type of expert point of view website owners need to get good results.

    Throughout the video, Ms. Ohye points out a variety of helpful Google tools that are going to assist in improving website ranking, and can even help to determine whether or not you want to buy a particular domain. She talks about the Webmaster Tools you can use to contact Google to verify ownership of your site, and how to check the history of your domain to see if there is any issues that may prevent you from getting the SEO results you want.

    Website owners are given helpful advice on how to create effective links, utilize social media to market their website and how to develop website copy that enhances your SEO efforts. This is valuable SEO information directly from the company that helps determine your website's ranking in search engine results.

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